Ursus Breweries

"An evaluation of the quality of the services delivered was made after the completion of all the projects ..."
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Analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the website with focus on content, functionality, design, navigation and efficiency

Specific Options

  • Web Brand Effect - evaluates the website's effect on the brand equity according to brand image and awareness
  • WebProfiler - a detailed study of visitors according to duration of visit, general internet usage, e-commerce behaviours, specific interests, detailed socio-demographics etc
  • WebImpact Callback - personnel interviews with people. focused on specific targets

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Evaluates collaboration satisfaction rate of the client on different collaboration stages (pre-sales, sales, negotiations, assistance, feed-back)

Employees Satisfaction Survey

Evaluates of the working environment by the employees (working program, work load, team work, collaboration with higher and lower positions, remuneration package)